Sunday: April 13, 2014

Service: 10 & 11:30 AM

Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived, and with it the annual ritual of spring cleaning.  But why should we limit this annual purge and reordering to the clutter in our homes?  Why not also take some time to spring clean our minds, emotions and spirits?  Join Connie Ghinazzi and Allen Bertsche from the Religious Services Team as they explore the benefits of spring cleaning, of sorting through all we have accumulated in the past year, of discarding that which we no longer value and refocusing on that which we do so that we can move forward with a new more-focused environment without and within.

Forum 10 AM

Pat Harris:  Wells for Wellness

Sunday: April 20, 2014


10 AM

Intergenerational Easter Service  The Velveteen Rabbit

Please join us for a fun family intergenerational service as Children’s Religious Education joins Rev. Jay Wolin to share with us a service about transformation.   As with the transformation of the Velveteen Rabbit, no profound change within us occurs without some pain.   But when we have courage and openness, then transformation allows us to live lives which are more worthwhile, more fulfilling and which make us more “real.”

11:30 AM

Renewal            Rev. Jay Wolin

The Easter and Passover holiday season is upon us.  What message and meaning can these holidays from the Jewish and Christian traditions provide us?  Journey with me on a renewal of discovery and a discovery of renewal.


No forum this week

Sunday: April 27, 2014

Service: 10 & 11:30 AM

The Rhythms of Nature Rev. Jay Wolin

As I continue my sermon series exploring the Sources of our Living Tradition, I will look at how Earth Centered Traditions inform our religious lives.  What does it mean to live in harmony with the Rhythms  of Nature?  What are the Rhythms of Nature?

Forum 10 AM

Barb Robinson:   MUUSA - the Midwest UU Summer Assembly

Barb will have all the registration information as well as an enthusiastic description of MUUSA,have the information and registration information.

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